The day-to-day operations of the alliance are carried out by the Executive Office in each region under the leadership of its respective Executive Director.


INPACT's overall strategy, direction and standards are governed by a Global Board.

In each region, a Board of Directors is responsible for determin­ing the alliance’s regional strategy, direction and the establishment of policies and standards, and alignment with the global strategy. Members of the Board are members themselves and elected by the members.

Executive Offices

The Executive Director in each region is responsible for ensuring INPACT meets the varied needs of its various stakeholders in the region and worldwide.  The staff in each Executive Office provide programmes and resources that allow member firms to meet the challenges their clients face in an increasingly global marketplace and to share and acquire knowledge from like-minded, non-competing member firms that allow them to operate more efficiently and profitably.  Click below to select your region:

Europe, Middle East & Africa

North America

Asia Pacific

Central & South America.