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INPACT Latin America Regional Meeting

2024-08-28 - 2024-08-30

Guatemala City, Guatemala

2024-08-28 - 2024-08-30

Get ready to join us for an enriching experience at the INPACT Latin America Members Meeting in the vibrant city of Guatemala City, Guatemala. This exclusive event will take place from Wednesday 28th August to Friday 30th August. Immerse yourself in a series of engaging activities, networking opportunities, and insightful discussions as we gather to strengthen our bonds and shape the future of INPACT Latin America. The main event kicks off on Thursday 29th August, with a full-day meeting in Guatemala City. Engage with fellow members, share knowledge, and explore collaborative opportunities to enhance our collective impact.

On Friday 30th August, after a half-day meeting where we'll delve deeper into critical topics and further strengthen our connections. In the afternoon, get ready for some social activities in Guatemala City. Discover the rich history, culture, and beauty of this breathtaking country.

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to be part of the INPACT Latin America Members Meeting in the captivating city of Guatemala City!

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