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Batallas & Batallas Auditores Cia. Ltda.

Calle B, 31 38 y San Gabriel. Tercer Piso
Sector: Hospital Metropolitano



  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Tax
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate restructuring & insolvency
  • Consultancy

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Firm overview

Established in 2002, Batallas & Batallas Auditores Cia. Ltda is a 4-partner firm currently employing 8 qualified, 3 unqualified and 3 administrative members of staff. The company is a member of the Consulting National Agency, the Consulting Association and certified by the Ecuadorian Customs Corporation and Credit Cooperative National Agency. It has a formal association with Admisolutions Cia. Ltda, a firms that specializes in tax claims, and creation and mergers of companies. The firm is known for its expertise in the pharmaceutical, electric, health, flower industries and involvement with international non-governmental organisations.

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