Leading accountancy publication Accountancy Age has published its prestigious annual survey of international accounting networks, alliances and associations.

Against a backdrop of slower overall total market growth than in 2012, but still a respectable 5.9% growth on the previous 12 months, INPACT positioned 16th among the world's leading associations of accounting firms.

With a title of 'New markets, opportunities, threats', the report estimates the global accountancy market is worth some US$170 Billion, with the Big Four accounting firms continuing to dominate with 65% of total revenues, a figure that highlights the huge gap between the Big Four and the rest. 

All international accounting groups, large and small, are looking to the emerging markets of Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific for further growth. 

We look forward to another exciting year of progress for INPACT. Click here to read the full report on the world's leading accounting alliances, networks and associations