The Board thanked retiring President, Ralf Zeiss for all his hard work during his office. Ralf has been an active and collaborative member of the Board, always seeking the views of all members in order to identify what is working well and what could be improved. Marcelo Berge will continue that dialogue and ensure that the Board constantly reviews its activities so that all members benefit.

Marcelo Berge comments,

“Ralf has done a wonderful job as President and I hope to continue his work, helping develop collaborative initiatives in the region and beyond that will support our members and their clients.”

The Board reported on the progress that has been made in the implementation of the EMEA & CSA 5-year Strategic Plan. The Plan set ambitious targets for growth and development of the association and the Board was pleased to report that the short-term targets had all been met. The Board will continue to monitor and review progress and to consider new initiatives that support the plan in order to drive INPACT to new heights.