Our third Marketplace session focused on exploring various ways in which our members can grow their platforms and stay relevant. They had the opportunity to discuss INPACT client satisfaction and communication and talk about investing their time and efforts in constant updates and innovations, as such small pushes are the key to securing new clients.

The session also touched on how members can share success stories and aid each other with potential business opportunities and how that can help many firms be branded as an important part of a bigger association. Some members shared their experience on how to use marketing tools to get in contact with potential clients, close deals and grow their platforms.

Moshe introduced the Blink project to some members who were new to the project, which aims to facilitate member firm communication and create more referrals and business opportunities.

If you were unable to join us on previous sessions and would like to find out more about the opportunities discussed, please get Intouch!  View us on INPACT Marketplace LinkedIn

If you have a client who is searching for an investor, or one with a business opportunity requiring international support/services, whether you need to work on an international project or simply discuss business opportunities with fellow members, INPACT Marketplace is just the place for you.

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