Vasan & Sampath LLP Chartered Accountants, Bangalore, India, is a valued member of INPACT since 2000, shared on the sectors their firm is specialised in.  One of their core expertise sector  is Due Diligence Services and their clients range from Integrated facility management, Corporate catering, HR services, Digital Media Agency, On Demand Movies, Precision Manufacturing, and also assignments for funds in sectors, such as Ad Tech, Fin Tech, IoT, Health Tech, E-commerce, consumer product and others.

If your firm is looking into setting up a Due Diligence practice, Vasan & Sampath would be happy to assist your firm with the set up and their experience. They can also provide support on reporting service.

Another area of their firm's expertise is Cyber Security.  There is an investing opportunity in India’s first cyber security company to provide cyber security for a sensitive law enforcement agency in the US.

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