Members of our international accounting alliance can collectively offer a wide spectrum of accountancy and audit related services.

Our membership criteria stipulate that member firms must be able to provide advice related to accountancy, tax, auditing, as well as provide general consultancy. However, some member firms will also be able to advise on issues related to corporate finance and corporate restructuring and insolvency.

As a client of an INPACT member firm in any city or country, you will enjoy easy access to the skills and knowledge of any of our 140+ member firms in over 60 countries worldwide. Your local member firm acts as your gateway to known, reliable and trusted professional contacts, wherever you may need them.

Our member firms serve companies of all different sizes in the private and public sectors, and frequently work together to provide a coordinated approach across geographic borders. 

Put your confidence in INPACT members– you will be surprised by the:

  • Friendly welcome
  • High levels of service
  • Sophisticated nature of the advice, and
  • Personal, tailored approach provided to all clients.