Members of INPACT meet regularly at the internationalregional, and national levels. Attendance at every conference is open to all members across the group, providing members the opportunity to meet face to face and to forge strong business and personal relationships with their global counterparts that will benefit their clients.

The World Conference is held every two years, with each region taking a turn to host the event at a major city in their region.  Under the umbrella of INPACT, national and regional groups are gaining in strength and meet once or twice a year.  There are also meetings held for special interest groups for German speaking countries, Chinese speaking countries, English speaking countries, and French speaking countries.

This wide variety of organized meetings allows INPACT members to share ideas, explore business opportunities, exchange cultural and technical information, and acquire insight from outside speakers that will help provide the tools and knowledge required to improve firm efficiency, improve service to clients, and enhance firm profitability and local market profile.