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Bermúdez & Asociados Receives Accountancy Firm of the Year Award

Though tens of thousands of firms were nominated and considered for this prestigious award, Bermúdez & Asociados was chosen on account of the fact that, in the last 12 months especially, the firm has been highly dedicated to providing personal services to clients and has experienced a tremendous amount of growth.

Additional Characteristics that Qualified the Firm for the Award

In order to qualify for the award, the firm had to submit a list of key clients and notable work that it contributed to in the past year. In addition, the following facts contributed to Bermúdez & Asoiciados’ receipt of this award:

  • The firm participated in revising and advising the financial business strategies for companies across Panama
  • Their website traffic and the website traffic of their clients has increased significantly over the past year
  • The firm has contributed dramatically to the public domain in regard to accounting, marketing and business management information
  • Their promise to improve their clients’ business management strategies has successfully come to fruition on numerous and notable occasions
  • The firm’s is involved on an international level, namely with its membership with INPACT

The award results will be published by Corporate INTL and will be circulated to their 70,000 readers in the awards publication edition this year.

The Future Looks Bright for Bermúdez & Asociados

The Corporate Finance Accountancy of the Year award was the first award of its kind to be given to Bermúdez & Asociados. However, they have high hopes that receiving this award will boost their presence in professional environments and will improve the image of the firm in the eyes of current and future clients. Bermúdez & Asociados suspects that this will be the first of many awards.

Click here and have a look to their website.

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