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Your benefits as a trusted member

Our alliance is made up of:

  • More than 100 firms
  • Over 3,000 professionals
  • More than $160m annual fee income

Becoming an INPACT member means you will:

  • Join a global alliance to help your clients grow

  • Get referrals from other members

  • Access industry knowledge and training

  • Build strong international relationships

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Members helping members

From the moment you join, we'll make it easy for you to share skills and knowledge with like-minded companies across the globe.

The more you get involved, the sooner you and your clients will see the benefits.

What our members say

“Joining INPACT was like opening offices in a hundred locations overnight.

We became a member to get new leads, but now we’re in it for the solid expertise we can offer our existing clients.

Our clients know that they can count on us wherever in the world they need help.”

Lena Fiedler
Varbergs Revisionsbrya, AB (Sweden)
INPACT Lena Fiedler

"The INPACT conferences that I've attended have enabled me to learn new ideas and concepts not only about managing my practice, but also about technical areas of expertise and how other firms are affected and how we can enhance that knowledge within our firms."

Jori Culp
Smoker Smith & Associates P.C. (USA)
A smiling woman wearing a scarf.

"INPACT enables us to give our clients global services and an interface to other members and clients all over the world."

Moshe Yeskin
Yeskin & Co. (Israel)
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Connect globally

Import duty in Nigeria? Employment expenses in Canada? UK-Ireland cross-border taxes? Our alliance of independent accounting firms will help you meet the challenges of an international marketplace. As your clients grow, we’ll connect you with the expertise to help them succeed. INPACT membership opens up a world of opportunities for you and your clients.

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High standards

We’re selective when it comes to appointing new members.

Your firm must meet strict criteria and go through a peer-led process of due diligence. This protects the good reputation of everyone in the alliance. We review existing members to ensure they continue to meet our high standards.

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Trust in the alliance

INPACT is more than dots on a map. When a firm displays the INPACT logo, that means you can trust their expertise and ethics.

Firms in our alliance have built strong and trusting relationships worldwide through shared expertise, interaction at conferences, Marketplace events and personal communications.

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What INPACT membership means for your clients

Your clients want their financial advisor to be well rounded and well grounded in every area that is pertinent to their financial well being – and yet they don’t want to sacrifice the highly personalized local service that an INPACT firm provides. Clients of INPACT members will benefit, directly and indirectly, from the wide range of domestic and global resources available to you and your firm.

5 steps to join


Submit an initial enquiry


We will contact you to give detailed information


Complete INPACT membership application form


Have discussion with established members


Review and final approval by your regional board


Comistar Estonia

We're thrilled to welcome Comistar Estonia to the INPACT family!

Comistar Estonia specializes in comprehensive company management services tailored for non-residents and international companies. From accounting, taxes, and payroll to corporate structuring and audit preparation, their team is equipped to handle diverse legal and financial needs.

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Int womans day inpact 2024

Celebrating Diversity and Empowerment: Embracing International Women's Day in Accounting at INPACT Global

At INPACT, we are committed to fostering an inclusive workplace where every voice is heard and valued. As we mark International Women's Day, we reflect on the remarkable achievements of women in the field of accounting and the profound impact they have made globally.

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Jori Culp Case study

Case Studies

"Serve your clients in a better way" | Smoker Smith & Associates

We spoke to Jori Culp about how INPACT empowers her US firm and its clients for international accounting opportunities.

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World Conference in Milan

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2024-11-13 - 2024-11-15

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