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Ceauşescu & Partners Welcomes a New PR Specialist and Looks Favourably toward the Future

Ceauşescu & Partners Outreach in Bucharest

In 2012, Ceauşescu & Partners had the opportunity to work beside and partner with Constantinof & Associates Law Firm to enable their respective clients to receive integrated accounting and legal services. Recently, in the summer of 2014, Ceauşescu & Partners created its own branch in Bucharest, and they currently share an office with the partner firm mentioned above. Now, Ceauşescu & Partners seeks to obtain its own space where it can more effectively build out a client base.

In order to accomplish that goal within the next six months, Ceauşescu & Partners knows that being involved with accounting events and organisations is a necessity. With that in mind, the firm plans to play a significant role in the INPACT conference that will be held in Bucharest from February 26th to March 1st in 2015.

INPACT’s Role in Promoting Ceauşescu & Partners’ Brand Awareness

From the time the firm was established, Ceauşescu & Partners has been dedicated to its mission of working toward the client’s needs rather than just moving toward a financial result. While following that mission encouraged the firm’s overall growth, its partnership with INPACT and the member firms dramatically increased the level of trust that businesses and professionals had when approaching Ceauşescu & Partners.

Displaying the INPACT membership has made Ceauşescu & Partners’ brand stand out among the other accounting firms in Romania and, as a result, the firm has increased its ability to further its mission to provide high-quality accounting, business consulting, auditing, fiscal consulting and human resource services to a wide client base.

Ceauşescu & Partners hopes that INPACT will continue to improve and expand in its pervasiveness as a network and further encourage partnerships and referrals in the future as Ceauşescu & Partners flourishes in its Romanian environment.

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