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INPACT AP Latest Client Wins: VPR & Associates

VPR & Associates, a firm of Chartered Accountants, was formed in 1992. As of today, they offer Professional & Organized Chartered Accountancy services to Businesses, Tax paying Individuals, banks, and Institutions such as Trusts and Societies

With a combined work experience of nearly 100 years, their partners have a rich and varied expertise serving over a thousand (1000+) organizations. These are in sectors as far apart as natural gas, financial institutions, real estate, medical, hospitality, engineering, electronics and many more. As varied as the fields, their clients' turnovers too range from a few crore Rupees to over ten thousand crore Rupees. Spread over six cities in India, theyprovide a comprehensive range of services, including start-up formation, advisory and consultation, audit, and taxation.

When it comes to valuations, things have started to look up in India in the previous decade. In the land of opportunities that we are today, every stone turned brings us face-to-face with its share of start-ups, with quite a few being promising and worthy of further consideration. In their existing state, besides primary funding, they look for a valuation that helps attract the right investors to fund further growth.

In this line of activity, VPR & Associates recently accomplished the valuation of one of India's most unique start-ups, Repos Energy: an organization that is changing the dynamics of providing and provisioning energy to places where it is most needed. Be it conventional fossil fuel, including HSD or CNG, or these days electrical power through customized mobile charging stations, they are here (and everywhere) to make lives easy for a wide range of users, most being commercial and industrial establishments.

While ideas and great ideas exist all over the place, what brings them to the fore is correct and timely valuation. What brings about a great valuation, besides the concept itself being great, is one's knowledge and experiences of varied fields in their widest amplitude. It's only then that the likes of the Former Chairman of Tata Sons, and presently heading all of the Group's charitable trusts, Padma Vibhushan Shri Ratan Naval Tata takes an interest and invests his money!

VPR & Associates’ valuation caught the right eyeballs, giving the company its fair share of capital and appreciation. This incidentally is just one of the many valuations done by VPR & Associates, be it in the past or the present, which shall continue in the future. Hopefully, these too shall bring about similar outcomes.

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