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INPACT International the Year in Review

From various conversations, we know that INPACT membership is a great resource to our members and the Board is always trying to find ways to encourage contact and friendships between member firms. Following a very successful Berlin World Conference last year, the Board also actively supported the regional meetings held throughout the year and approved a budget to continue the work being undertaken by the INPACT International Tax Committee.

In order to best develop our membership base and ensure that the alliance remains relevant and attractive in this modern era, the Board undertook an extensive review and revamp of all the alliance’s marketing materials most notably of which was the redesign of the www.inpactint.com website which was launched in the summer. The marketing exercise meant working very closely with a consultant with broad experience working with some of the leading alliances of accountants. Although the website has been live for a short amount of time, we have noted an increase in traffic to the site and are now attracting enquiries almost on a weekly basis from prospective member firms.

With the first half of the year focussing on marketing and strategy development, the second half of the year will be more focussed on strategy implementation which we expect will grow the alliance even more. Watch this space for further updates!

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