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INPACT International Welcomes New Member Firm in Ukraine

Sergiy Kislov is the contact partner at Audit Company "CREDO-AUDIT" LLC. Sergiy gave us an overview on his firm:

"Audit Company «CREDO – AUDIT» was established in February 2001, by combining the experience and personal achievements of young and ambitious associates in auditing, accounting, consulting and law. Audit company "CREDO-AUDIT" has been providing professional support and assistance to businesses and organizations in solving complex legal tasks and resolving problem situations relating to the organization and conduct of business in Ukraine for more than 12 years. The staff consists of auditors, accountants, consultants and lawyers. We have extensive experience in providing professional services to companies from various sectors of the economy. Our clients are companies operating in sectors such as construction, agriculture, medicine, tourism, finance, metallurgy, light industry, mining industry and other. The practice of the firm is based on the performance projects of audit, accounting, tax and corporate finance to many large enterprises. In addition to audit projects, their services consists of a range of accounting services, consultations on accounting and taxation, law, finance and management. Our history is not completed with the facts above. We are committed to continuous development of our firm and our specialists. We aim to be recognized as the leader."

For more information about Audit Company "CREDO-AUDIT" LLC, click here

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