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INPACT International Welcomes New Member Firm in Spain

Morante Asesores is the result of union and professional experience of several qualified professionals in their respective areas of tax, accounting and labour since 1993.

They are a firm of professional services with an integral vision of comprehensive advice to the client and since the beginning they specialized in tax issues and its relationships with accounting, labour and commercial of businesses and individuals. They focus all business needs on a team of people who are close to each customer and are responsible for all management, in order to get for clients the most beneficial results by reduction cost or by the maximum use of all existing legal resources.

Their philosophy is based on a confident relationship with clients with the highest level of commitment and professionalism from the people in the firm, mixing experience with new technologies to achieve the maximum effectiveness and safety outcomes.

Morante Asesores offers experience and personal attention, combining personal and close relationships with the use of the latest technologies applied to the management for increasing the speed of gestions and comfort of clients, as well as meet the requirements of each Administration, Agency or Financial entity, and to get the needs and own obligations of all clients in a huge variety of industries and services.

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