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INPACT Celebrates its 25th Anniversary this Year!

Before the celebration that will be held in Washington D.C. at the World Conference, we would like to spend some time reflecting on where INPACT has come from and where the organisation is headed in the future.

A Review of INPACT’s Strong Foundations

The first INPACT meeting happened in Paris with just a few members, some small accounting firms who recognized that there was a need for integrated accounting, tax, audit, and financial planning services on an international basis. From there, our members were able to branch out and help each other successfully gain footholds in the international markets through referrals, recommendations, and professional advice.

Today, INPACT still holds true to its core foundational elements, which include:

  • Improving our members’ ability to compete in an international market
  • Providing resources for members who, in turn, can more adequately serve their clients
  • Establishing meeting spaces and conferences where personal contact and professional exchanges are possible
  • Developing and sending out pertinent industry-related information to members on a regular basis

What Does the Future Hold for INPACT?

Since INPACT was founded, we allied with CPA Management Systems in 1996 and APACT in 1998 to expand the association’s reach across Asia Pacific and the Americas.

As INPACT continues to grow, we will maintain the bonds we have already created and nurture them. INPACT will continue holding true to our promise of providing high-quality services and benefits to facilitate collaboration, performance, and unification among our members. We will retain our deep respect and appreciation for our members and use that as our motivation for seeking out new opportunities.

Thank you for standing with us through these 25 years; we hope that we will continue to foster successful professional relationships for many years to come.

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