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INPACT Eagerly Awaits the Results for the IAB Awards in London

As a nominee for this prestigious award, INPACT will be receiving more international attention, which, in turn, means that our members’ firms will benefit from the increased publicity. When any opportunity such as this arises, we are always looking out for how it will benefit our members.

What Made INPACT Stand Out and Ultimately Become a Nominee?

During the application process, the central staff at INPACT put together a document of everything we have been focusing on, specifically regarding the recent growth of our association and what benefits we have been able to provide to members. In this information, we included the following facts:

  • INPACT has put a large effort to grow in “strength from within”, which we accomplished by focusing on building out the regional alliances
  • Our association has improved its brand image, making INPACT more immediately recognizable, which is evident from the increased traffic (by more than 400 per cent) on the INPACT website
  • We have launched a sincere effort to streamline all administrative processes, which makes it easier for our members to get the business intelligence they need when they need it

In the application, the central staff also mentioned the plans for the future of the association, which include global integration between the sister alliances and an even stronger central infrastructure.

What Does this Nomination Mean for INPACT Members?

Besides the fact that our members will be getting even more international recognition, members will gain all the benefits that come along with being part of an association that has a strong international presence. Members can expect continued international growth and even more opportunities to connect with experts in a variety of accounting fields.

INPACT excitedly awaits the announcement of the winner of the Association of the Year Award, so check back in for updates!

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