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INPACT Administrator Visits Auditoria y Consulta in Seville, Spain

Upon arriving in Seville, Bustamante gave Perez the grand tour. With the Cathedral of Seville just outside the windows and a beautiful office space in central Seville, it was obvious that Auditoria y Consulta was doing well and that its business was healthy. In fact, Bustamante mentioned that, despite the current crisis in Spain, Bustamante and his partners have been able to keep the turnover rate steady and maintain the clients that the firm has.

Looking Back to the 1992 Business Expo in Seville and Joining INPACT

Almost 15 years ago, Auditoria y Consulta found itself in the middle of a boom in international business due to the fact that the 1992 Expo was to be held in Seville the following year. To ensure that Auditoria y Consulta could take advantage of the fantastic business opportunity that the Expo presented, the firm joined on as a member firm with INPACT in 1991. Though the company had small beginnings, it now has 24 employees and has built up a large base of clients.

Auditoria y Consulta Meets with Other INPACT Firms in Spain

Though it can be difficult for member firms, even within the same country, to find time to meet up with each other on a regular basis, Perez was happy to hear that Auditoria y Consulta actually collaborates with the other INPACT member firms in Spain on a regular basis.

Besides meeting once or twice a year, the member firms in Spain also create and release a yearly tax guide that lists each of Spain’s tax guidelines and how they might have changed from previous years or will impact Spain’s businesses.

INPACT’s administrators genuinely enjoy the opportunities to meet with the member firms in person, and Perez hopes that he will be able to travel to meet with other member firms in the near future.

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