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Lena Fiedler Takes Over for Stephen Jacobs as INPACT President

Since 1998, Jacobs has been involved with INPACT as a member and hosted a number of conferences across countries before he was appointed as president. He is a partner at Rayner Essex and is currently based out of London. As INPACT president—working closely beside Fiedler who was, at the time, the vice president of INPACT—Jacobs focused on increasing the number of member firms in a variety of countries across the globe and strengthening the ties between the individual sections of the organisation.

While Jacobs was president, INPACT grew significantly and began to offer even more to its members, and Fiedler hopes to continue what Jacobs had started.

Lena Fiedler and Ralf Zeiss Ascend as Leaders of INPACT

Fiedler, who has served as vice president for several years, is a partner at Varbergs Revisionsbyrå AB in Sweden, a firm that has always valued establishing an international presence for its clients. Fiedler is also a firm believer that being actively involved in the INPACT organisation will improve any accounting firm’s ability to promote a positive reputation among other firms and get referrals. As such, she will continue to encourage attendance at the many INPACT conferences worldwide.

Looking forward, Fiedler aims to personally involve herself in expanding INPACT’s efforts globally and increasing the level of social media marketing to improve INPACT’s visibility and worldwide presence. Improving and revamping the INPACT website also remains one of Fiedler’s goals for the immediate future.

Ralf Zeiss will be taking on the responsibilities of the vice president now that Fiedler has been newly appointed as president. Zeiss is a partner at uniTreu GmbH and uniTreu Schimm & Partner in Germany, which specializes in accounting, auditing, taxes, corporate finance, corporate restructuring and consultancy.

Notable Changes to the Board of Directors

Dr. Heinfried Brunsmann, who has served on the INPACT’s Board of Directors for more than 10 years, has recently resigned from his position. The current leadership of INPACT wishes to thank Dr. Brunsmann for all his hard work and dedication while he served as a director. All the recent progress that the organisation has made would not have been as smooth without his loyal support and contributions.

The members and leaders of INPACT look forward to adjusting to the newest changes in leadership and making sure that the future of the organisation tends toward the benefits of all current and future member firms.

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