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Success Story: RSW Accountants & Tax Advisors Reaches 25 Years with INPACT

Fortunately, becoming a member of INPACT came at the right time for RSW Accountants & Tax Advisors. The Dutch firm quickly got the information and resources it needed to continue doing business with its largest client. Now, 25 years later, the firm has made a name for itself internationally largely thanks to the help INPACT provided.

What Sets RSW Accountants & Tax Advisors Apart from Other Accounting Firms?

RSW Accountants & Tax Advisors is a member of the SRA as well as SMA-Accountants, both of which are located in the Netherlands. The firm, with branches in both Helmond and Asten, has more than 45 employees, many of them registered accountants, qualified tax advisors and business economists, which provide the following services to businesses:

  • Accounting
  • Taxes
  • EDP auditing
  • Management consultancy
  • Secondment

The firm has made a way for itself by serving small- and mid-sized enterprises as well as independent professionals who do business both in the Netherlands and internationally. Many of the firm’s more recent clients came on with the company because of the support of INPACT and the presence of the INPACT brand.

Gaining Ground by Staying Involved with INPACT

Because RSW Accountants & Tax Advisors has benefitted from the services provided by INPACT and its member firms, the Dutch firm seeks to give back in any way it can. Frans Razenberg, Jean-Pierre van Duppen and Frank Berkers each make an effort to attend any and all INPACT conferences in the area.

In addition, RSW Accountants & Tax Advisors participates in some of INPACT’s many boards and committees. Currently, Frans Razenberg serves as an INPACT board member, and Jean-Pierre van Duppen serves as a member of the International Tax Committee.

By keeping abreast of INPACT events, new international accountancy laws, and the changes in accounting regulations in the Netherlands, RSW Accountants & Tax Advisors continues to grow and take on new clients who do business internationally.

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