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INPACT Scores a Hat Trick

The Consultative Experience House in Egypt

After Dr. Salah Alsharkawy founded the Consultative Experience House in 1992, it quickly developed into a full-fledged firm that is now an active player in the accounting scene in Egypt. Currently, it has seven professionally trained and qualified partners in auditing, accounting, taxes and consulting. The firm’s professional experience played a key role in helping it provide additional services in corporate securities, investment funds, insurance and financial leasing. The firm also has licenses to review banks, their affiliates and government entities.

Though the firm already experience 7-15 percent growth each year, the Consultative Experience House was keen to join INPACT to have access to its global accounting alliance around the world and to provide services to INPACT clients. The firm also hopes that joining INPACT will help it attract more local and international clients.

Consultoria y Auditoria Financiera e Informática in Honduras

With an office in Tegucigalpa, Consultoria y Auditoria Financiera e Informática (CONAFI) has provided auditing and tax services to countless Honduran businesses. Since the firm came onto the accounting scene in 2005, the firm has experienced tremendous growth and is looking forward to spreading its services to other areas of Latin America while gaining valuable contacts with firms all over the world.

CONAFI is the first firm from Honduras to join INPACT, adding to the 13 other firms in the Latin America branch.

OPENServices in Slovakia

The HTP Group, which is a smaller group from OPENServices, specializes in working with SME businesses and providing them with accounting resources and services they need to grow. The HTP Group was officially established in 2010, though the founders of the group were active as early as 2002.

Since the group’s rebranding, it has succeeded in reaching out to businesses in the Czech Republic and Hungary. The firm’s central location is in Kosice, Slovakia, though it also has offices in Bratislava and Banska Bystrica and regularly works in conjunction with sister law firms.

INPACT Is Always Looking Forward

Because we are dedicated to making this accounting organisation one of the best in the world, our administrative team will continue to find new eligible accountancy firms in countries all across the globe. In being part of this accounting firm association, every one of our members benefits as new resources and referrals come onto the playing field.

Stay in tune for more news about new member firms and upcoming INPACT events!

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