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INPACT in the Top 20 Accounting Alliances for Three Consecutive Years

This year, INPACT ranked 18th based on the amount of growth and income from membership fees, number of staff members and overall global presence. In addition, INPACT ranked highly in individual regions for its presence in North America, Africa and the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

What Does Being in the Top 20 Mean for INPACT?

Being internationally recognized as a growing association for accounting, tax, and consultancy firms gives INPACT more visibility to accounting firms across the world. As we continue to search for qualifying firms, eager new members will come aboard to provide referrals and resources to our established members.

In addition, as INPACT’s brand becomes even more prevalent on a global scale, more of our member firms’ clients will recognize the association and more readily put trust into the services our members provide.

There’s Always Room for Future Growth

Though the IAB World Survey primarily mentions where networks and associations are succeeding, it also makes it obvious where INPACT can become stronger. For instance, INPACT had a low presence within Latin America in comparison with the other internationally ranked firms. Thus, the administrative team now has ever greater motivation to further branch out in Latin America.

It is incredibly obvious that INPACT never would have ranked within the top 20 accountancy associations without the support and dedication from our member firms, staff and board of directors. With that in mind, we look forward to ranking even more highly on next year’s IAB World Survey!

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