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Ceausescu & Partners Named “Romanian Auditor of the Year” Two Years in a Row

Having been acknowledged for their hard work by the prestigious British magazine not just once but twice, Ceausescu & Partners was both surprised and thrilled by its success. Only five years ago, Ceausescu & Partners became a full-service firm but quickly rose to meet a strong community need. Before long, other firms cropped up in Romania, but Ceausescu & Partners’ dedication to its clients and relevant in-house research affords it recognition above others in the area.

International M&A Award Requirements

In order to receive this award for the second time in a row, Ceausescu & Partners had to exceed in a number of categories. First, the award primarily focused on popular votes from the magazines 53,000+ subscribers. Second, the magazine and 85,000+ individuals in the field evaluated the Romanian nominees based on their research capabilities and business activities.

After Ceausescu & Partners submitted their supporting documents to cement their eligibility for the award, Acquisition International Magazine named the firm “Romanian Auditor of the Year” for the second year in a row.

Securing Its Place at the Heart of the Romanian Economy

Though Ceausescu & Partners now has a number of awards to demonstrate its capacity to start from scratch and climb its way up to the top of the market, the firm will continue to reach out to the community, perform research, and develop services that are currently absent within Romania.

“We truly hope that the international recognition contributes, among other factors, to raising the trust of our clients in our dedication and professionalism,” said Irina Marculescu, PR specialist at Ceausescu & Partners.

Furthermore, Ceausescu & Partners appreciates INPACT’s role in boosting the firm’s international presence.

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