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INPACT Attends the 3rd Africa Congress of Accountants (ACOA)

Though INPACT has attended ACOA congresses in the past, the alliance took a bigger role this time as one of the founders of the Pan African Federation of Accountants and INPACT member from Senegal, Aziz Dieye, represented both organisations as a speaker and panellist.

Networking with New Potential Member Firms and Maintaining Crucial Relationships

The ACOA is dedicated to creating an environment where African accountancy firms that specialize in high-quality client services can reach out to one another and exchange resources for the betterment of all firms in the future. For this reason, INPACT was eager to maintain a presence at each of these events.

INPACT also used the event to examine potential members firms and reconnect with current member firms. This networking is crucial for the growth of the INPACT alliance since we constantly look for new ways to build up our own resource-sharing environment with member firms across the globe.

Previous ACOA Events

ACOA defines its mission as follows: “To build leadership capacities among the accounting profession and to provide thought leadership on issues that contribute to the development of an ethical and sustainable accountancy sector In Africa,” according to the ACOA website.

ACOA’s mission statement matches up well with our asprirations for our members firms in Africa, which is why we make such an effort to send at least one representative to these events. This year, in addition to Aziz Dieye, Tendai White, INPACT International’s Executive Director attended the congress.

In the past, INPACT had the privilege to sponsor the 1st Africa Congress of Accountants when it took place in Kenya in 2011. Additionally, INPACT had a presence at the 2nd Africa Congress of Accountants when Mohamed Bouattour, a board member, attended the event in Accra, Ghana.

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