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Success Story: In Just Five Years, Ceausescu & Partners Rose Above Its Competition in Romania

Finding a Niche in the Romanian Business and Accountancy Community

Because few firms offered what Ceausescu & Partners set out to do, the firm found itself with a strong client base from the beginning. Specifically, Ceausescu & Partners became a resource for businesses who do business within Romania and abroad.

In the years since Ceausescu & Partners’ INPACT membership, which occurred shortly after its own establishment, the firm has successfully planted itself at the heart of the Romanian business community and has built out its services to accommodate for a wider population of potential clients.

Benefits Ceausescu & Partners Received from Joining INPACT

Though the firm started small, Ceausescu knew that joining INPACT would catapult the firm into a greater accountancy role and provide the firm with both the resources and referrals it would need to stay afloat.

“Throughout the years, we have met with all sorts of challenges when it comes to acquiring new clients. However, in 2013, we managed to seize an important audit contract with a company in the renewable energy field, which was financed by China Exim Bank, thanks to our INPACT membership” Andreea Ceausescu said.

Andreea also mentioned that the networking opportunities and the shared knowledge the INPACT alliance offers are two big reasons why the firm is currently succeeding and getting international recognition.

Goals for the Future of Ceausescu & Partners

Though Ceausescu & Partners would ultimately like to position itself to take on more clients who do business abroad, the firm vows to serve every client and rise to the challenge no matter the size. With a dedication to quality work and the perseverance that has taken them this far, the partners at this firm will continue to provide their current and future client base with positive results as they diversify their client portfolio.

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