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INPACT Receives Additional Recognition from the International Accounting Bulletin

What This Award Will Do for INPACT and Its Member Firms

The nomination alone will expose INPACT to a broader range of people; many of whom may have never come across our accounting alliance. Furthermore, the INPACT administration is thrilled to gain acknowledgment for reaching out to our current and newest members firm while facilitating an organisation that encourages growth and cooperation in the accounting sector.

INPACT is already a large organisation with more than 200 member firms, making us 17th largest international association of accounting firms in the world, and these awards will only improve our standing on a global scale.

Necessary Qualifications for the IAB Award

In order to get shortlisted to earn these titles, INPACT had to possess certain attributes. The IAB recognized us because of the strides INPACT has made toward becoming a stronger global force over the past 18 months. The magazine noted that we have made significant progress toward our long-term goals, especially with regard to our global integration with our member firms.

Because of the advancements INPACT has made, our members are seeing greater benefits, especially that their clients have an overwhelmingly positive idea of what they can expect from a firm associated with INPACT. To further this concept, the administrative team has even taken steps to improve our brand's image by means of our online presence.

INPACT would not have received such a prestigious nomination without the help and support of each of our member firms, so thank you for being involved in our events and giving our organisation feedback about what we can be doing better.

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