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INPACT Strikes Beneficial Deal with MyFirmsApp

Technology dominates the business world, which leads to profound disadvantages when it comes time to update. MFA provides a solution: a template for creating personalized, firm-specific apps you can then distribute throughout Apple or Android app stores.

MyFirmsApp’s Appeal

One of the most crucial aspects of MyFirmsApp is its ability to create an app that speaks to a business’ modernization without necessitating obtrusive marketing or a dedicated campaign. Since almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet, you’ll be reaching more people with your app. Other benefits of MFA apps are numerous and include the following:

  • Approval and endorsement from major professional bodies such as ICAS, CIMA, ACCA, ICAEW, IFA, 2020 and ICPA
  • Constant updates with fresh information, news and data
  • Reliable service for accountancy firms to stay in the technological loop
  • A modern product for an innovative firm

Discount for INPACT Members

Our member firms can greatly benefit from MFA’s services. INPACT’s partnership with this firm has culminated in a discounted rate, which is immediately available to INPACT members. Upon redeeming their discount packages, members will enjoy the following benefits:

  • A free one-on-one INPACT members' demo
  • 50 per cent off the marketing launch pack (gold clients)
  • 50 per cent off the Refer-A-Friend system (platinum clients)
  • 10 per cent off the cost of paraphernalia (flyers, phone covers and website content)

INPACT administration is constantly looking for ways to offer useful services and benefits to our members. We are dedicated to upholding our standard of service; this deal is just another way for our members to efficiently produce and market quality content representative of the INPACT mission.

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