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Success Story: INPACT members team up to help client grow

Through its INPACT membership uniTreu GmbH was able to find member firms in every country its client wanted to expand into: GIOANNI International in France; Varbergs Revisionsbyra AB in Sweden, cSt causa Steuerberatungs GmbH in Austria; J&M Consulting Sp. z o.o. in Poland; Caminada Treuhand AG Zug in Switzerland; HSE Bagimsiz Denetim ve LTD STI in Turkey; and Next Step Consulting in Greece.

uniTreu GmbH could be confident that each of these firms would have the skills required to help its client because of the strict application criteria required for INPACT membership.

The collaborations paid off for uniTreu GmbH’s client as each firm was able to advise on the tax regulations and operating procedures applicable to operations in each of the various countries. This led to the client opening its first office in each country in November and December 2015.

These collaborations are a perfect example of how INPACT membership benefits clients and members. By being able to offer international services uniTreu GmbH was able to retain its client. Each of the other INPACT members received inward referrals. Most importantly, the client was able to set up new offices and continue its expansion programme.

GIOANNI International, France: Member Focus

GIOANNI International was founded in 1964 and joined INPACT in 1996. The firm decided to join INPACT to expand its knowledge and develop business opportunities in Europe.

GIOANNI International continues to use its membership to expand its knowledge and network with other firms at member meetings.

It has received a number of inward referrals from other INPACT members who needed advice regarding French employees or setting up a company and registering to declare VAT in France. It has also referred a number of clients to members in Africa and Europe.

Varbergs Revisionsbyra AB, Sweden: Member Focus

Varbergs Revisionsbyra AB has been helping clients for over 40 years. The firm joined INPACT in 1992 following a recommendation from another INPACT member in Sweden.

The main benefit it receives from its membership is being able to help clients who have business interests outside of Sweden. This led to the firm obtaining the audit work for a large company group with subsidiaries in Europe.

Caminada Treuhand AG Zug, Switzerland: Member Focus

Caminada Treuhand AG Zug joined INPACT in 1990 following increasing demand from clients for international services.

Its membership meant it could help clients with business interests outside of Switzerland and help INPACT members with clients who wanted to set up business in Switzerland.

Its membership proved crucial for one of its clients who was looking to expand to the Chinese market. The client was considering using a big four firm until Caminada Treuhand AG Zug recommended an INPACT member in Hong Kong.

Next Step Consulting Ltd, Greece: Member Focus

Next Step Consulting Ltd was founded in 2008 and joined INPACT in June 2014. The firm decided to join INPACT in order to generate business enquiries from overseas clients. INPACT’s large international association of accounting firms was seen as a perfect fit for Next Step Consulting Ltd.

Next Step Consulting Ltd has benefitted greatly from its membership through collaborations with other members. It has already worked with three other members in different countries; uniTreu GmbH in Germany, P&P Advisory in Cyprus and Rayner Essex in UK.

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