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Success Story: INPACT members team up to encourage trade between Paraguay and Brazil

On 26th October, NK Auditores Independentes, from Brazil, and Consultora Alemana Paraguaya, from Paraguay, hosted a seminar in Sao Paulo, called “Paraguay as a business platform for Brazil”. The purpose of the seminar was to demonstrate the advantages of setting up a business in Paraguay to reach the Brazilian market.

The seminar attracted 80 people from companies across many industrial sectors, distributors, service providers and companies generally seeking to grow their business overseas.

Consultora Alemana Paraguaya were able to engage with some new clients as a result of the event.

This collaboration is a good example of how INPACT membership benefits members and clients. By working together to set up the event NK Auditores Independentes and Consultora Alemana Paraguaya have managed to introduce their clients to each other and create new business for themselves.

NK Auditores Independentes, Brazil: Member Focus

NK Auditores Independentes was founded in 1977 and provides accounting and tax services. In 2014, it expanded its service offering by adding auditing, tax compliance and consultancy. The firm continues to grow and has a Japanese desk that coordinates business activities with more than 100 Japanese clients.

Consultora Alemana Paraguaya, Paraguay: Member Focus

Consultora Alemana Paraguaya was founded in 1993 under the name Estudio Eduard (ERE). It changed to its current name in 2002. Consultora Alemana Paraguaya offers accounting, tax and auditing services. The firm is a registered bank auditor and can audit banks and other financial institutions.

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