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INPACT’s steady growth continues with another new member

Nygårdens Revision AB is based in Sweden’s 7th largest city, Örebro. It was founded by Bengt Andersson who took the firm from a sole proprietorship to a limited company in 2001.

The firm’s client base is mainly formed of small to medium sized businesses. It offers a wide range of accounting, audit and tax services.

It joins one of INPACT’s very strong national group which now consists of 10 members in Sweden. The Swedish national group meets annually and all levels of staff are invited, not just partners.

Lena Fiedler, INPACT EMEA & CSA’s President and Partner at Varbergs Revisionsbyrå AB, Sweden, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Nygårdens Revision AB to INPACT. Nygårdens Revision AB will help to strengthen the Swedish regional group as well as INPACT’s membership as a whole.”

INPACT was recently announced as the world’s 15th largest accounting association in the IAB World Survey. The results were based on December 2015 year end data. Since then INPACT has added 9 new members, continuing its steady growth.

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