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Should you outsource your payroll?

Andreas Okle, Partner at INPACT member Caminada in Switzerland, has outlined what you should consider when thinking about outsourcing your payroll on Caminada’s website.

These include:

  • Whether you have someone in the company who has the in-depth knowledge needed to avoid any pitfalls
  • Whether you have someone in your company who has the time and desire to keep up with the ever-changing legislation
  • Would your company be more productive if less time was spent on payroll?
  • Do you have the necessary cover if the person responsible for your payroll leaves or is off with long term sickness?

Andreas points out that outsourcing your payroll can be an investment that can save you time or free staff up to increase company productive and revenue. There is a lot to consider when deciding if to outsource your payroll and his article can be a help resource to SMEs.

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