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INPACT Adds its First Member from Tokyo

iAP Inc. is based in Tokyo, the world’s largest urban agglomeration economy. Founded by Shoji Matsushita, along with two other partners Yoko Taniguchi and Hideki Yasujimai, it boasts a team of bilingual professionals of GAAP, International Tax and MNC Controller expertise.

The firm provides Tax, Accounting and Auditing, Business and Finance Advisory and Management Design and Process Outsourcing services. All of its partners have worked for US listed IT companies and MNCs in the past and have extensive experience in these arena.

iAP Inc. is only the second INPACT member from Japan and joins a growing member-base in Asia Pacific.

The Board and members of INPACT Asia Pacific are delighted to welcome iAP Inc. to INPACT. Tokyo, officially Tokyo Metropolis, has a massive economy and is an attractive prospect for a lot of businesses. Having an INPACT member in the Capital city of Japan will surely prove to be advantageous for both its members and their clients.

INPACT continues to show steady growth. It has added members from Nigeria, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Morocco, Belgium, Chile, Israel and now Japan, in the last 12 months.

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