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Success Story: INPACT Central & South America Members Team up to Raise Visibility

The latest innovative idea has come courtesy of Central & South America Board Member, Marcelo Berge and Jose Antonio Montoya, Partner at Consultoría y Auditoría Financiera e Informática, S. de R.L, in Honduras.

Marcelo Berge is an expert in transfer pricing. Last year, Jose Antonio Montoya invited Marcelo to speak at an event he was running for his clients and prospects he thought might be interested in transfer pricing. By doing this Jose Antonio positioned Consultoría y Auditoría Financiera e Informática, S. de R.L as an international firm and it has directly resulted in new business for Marcelo and Jose Antonio.

The event was repeated this year and has resulted in greater visibility for Consultoría y Auditoría Financiera e Informática, S. de R.L who have used the event to generate coverage in local newspapers.

Following this success, Walter Gomez, Partner at WCC Consulting Group in Costa Rica, invited Marcelo Berge to speak at a similar event in Costa Rica a few months ago. Marcelo also gave speeches at two universities in Costa Rica while he was there.

This very simple yet innovative idea has gone a long way to increase the visibility of the firms involved and INPACT as an alliance. It has also resulted in new business for the firms.

We have always encourage our members to work together to develop ideas like this. We hope this simple idea can inspire more members to think of innovative ways to use each other to generate business for themselves and increase their visibility.

If you would like any help with setting up any similar projects, please get in touch with our Executive Office team.

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