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Three INPACT Members in Europe Reach 50

Rayner Essex has held a series of events at both its London and St Albans offices.

Commenting on its anniversary Rayner Essex Partner Antony Federer said:

“We are only as good as the team we are part of. Our staff choices, our commitment to them and their development has delivered our longevity. We are committed to the further growth of the firm and with that to bring new opportunities for our team.”

The firm had its first offices in central London expanding into St Albans in the Early 1980’s. Today the firm has 70 + staff.

Varbergs Revisionsbyra AB is based in Varbergs, Sweden, just South of Gothenberg. The firm celebrated its 50th anniversary on 27th September. A series of events include a party for clients and contacts and a trip for staff members to Sevilla.

The firm assists clients with accountancy, consultancy, ADB, TAX, company valuation, business development and formation of companies.

Commenting on the anniversary Partner Lena Fielder said:

“This is a landmark moment in our history. We plan to celebrate this special anniversary with both staff and clients. Our achievement is based on a solid belief in expertise, service quality and helping to nurture the talent within our firm.”

uniTreu Schimm & Partner is also celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017. The firm is based in Eschborn, Germany just outside of Frankfurt. The firm was started by Horst Gehr in 1967. He later created Gehr & Partner with colleagues before its name was changed to Gehr Goldsche Schimm & Partner in 2004 and then uniTreu Schimm & Partner in 2013.

Commenting on its anniversary uniTreu Partner Wolfgang Schimm said:

“We believe our philosophy is what has brought us stability in a constantly changing market. Reliability and the assumption of personal responsibility are essential values here as well as maintaining close relationships with our clients. I’m sure these values will provide us with the same stability over the next 50 years.”

Wolfgang emphasized:

“Whereas Unitreu was not a founding member of INPACT we, however, joined the founding assembly in Paris in 1989 and became a member immediately after the foundation. From then on we contributed to INPACT’s remarkable development and joined nearly all conferences. We had a lot of benefits in terms of creating international business and getting valuable personal contacts.”

More information on Rayner Essex can be found at www.rayneressex.com, Varbergs Revisionsbyra AB can be found at www.revisionsbyran.se and uniTreu Schimm & Partner at www.unitreu-group.de

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