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INPACT Adds Another New Member

WIESER Wirtschaftsberatung AG was established in 2001 by former PwC manager, Stephan Wieser. Since then, it has grown into a group of three companies.

Based in St Gallen, Switzerland, the group offers a comprehensive range of accounting services including; audit, taxation, management consulting and corporate finance.

WIESER Wirtschaftsberatung AG prides itself on its transparent and frank approach. This is demonstrated by its membership to EXPERTsuisse and TREUHAND|SUISSE

Ralf Zeiss, INPACT EMEA’s President commented:

“We are thrilled to welcome WIESER Wirtschaftsberatung AG to INPACT. They demonstrated an excellent level of expertise and service during our membership selection process. Having such a professional group of accountants join our membership can only be of benefit to our existing members.”

INPACT continues to steadily grow. It has added new members from Japan, Nigeria, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Morocco, Portugal, Belgium, Chile and Israel in the last 15 months.

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