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Polish INPACT member, J&M Consulting hosts USA Master of Accountancy students

The visit was part of a week-long international trip by scholars on the Master of Accountancy programme, which aims to prepare its graduates for top tier careers in assurance, tax, finance & advisory services.

Co-Owner of J&M Consulting, Janusz Banasiewicz comments,

“As part of the international accountancy association INPACT, we are always keen to welcome visitors from across the globe and to explain the benefits of being part of a global association. These students could become the financial leaders of the future, so we were only too delighted to share our knowledge and experience with them.”

The students enjoyed informative presentations from Janusz and his colleagues Malgorzata Banasiewicz and Natalia Banasiewicz, on topics that included day to day operational matters, an overview of Polish accounting policies and a detailed description of VAT.

Summing up the visit, student Thomas Gauthier says,

“We visited several accounting and investment firms in Poland but the one that stood out among all was J&M Consulting. Their warm hospitality and personal touch was greatly appreciated and we were delighted to hear insight from experienced professionals as well as tour their offices and learn about the history and growth of the firm. We particularly enjoyed the part of the presentation on Value Added Tax because if its uniqueness to the European Union.”

The visit concluded with an opportunity for informal networking over food and drinks.

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