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INPACT Members Work Together to Provide Specialist Pension Support

The project is being co-ordinated between David Busuttil, Partner at Busuttil & Micallef and by Rayner Essex Partner Antony Federer, who comments:

“This is a high-profile audit covering assets of many millions. We have the necessary experience of undertaking such audit work in the UK and are well placed to support our fellow INPACT member on this international project.”

The project team comprises Partner Antony Federer and Executive Manager Gary Davies of

Rayner Essex and Partners David Busuttil and Kurt Said of Busuttil & Micallef, Malta.

Rayner Essex has seen a significant expansion in its international work as a result of its links with INPACT members, an increasingly international client base and the recruitment of international tax specialists.

Busuttil& Micallef Partner, David Busuttil adds:

“This project is an excellent example of the benefit of being part of a leading international association with trusted colleagues across the globe. Working together, we are able to provide the very best service to clients with international interests.”

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