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INPACT maintains Top 15 World ranking with continued growth

According to the recently released International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) 2019 World Survey, fee income for INPACT now stands at $289.1, an increase on last year. With almost 4,000 professionals working in 140 firms across 65 countries, INPACT ranks in the top 20 for all regions covered by the IAB world survey. The association received a top 10 ranking for the Middle East, reporting a growth in fee income of over 19%.

INPACT Global Board Chair, Lena Fiedler says,

“Our members and their clients will take confidence from this independent world ranking as a top 15 accountancy association. With 7 of the top 20 associations showing a reduction or stagnation of fee income, we are pleased to report that INPACT continues to grow. Additionally, our internal surveys show that INPACT members value being part of an innovative, supportive and friendly association.”

The IAB world survey once again highlighted how technology is changing the accountancy industry but noted that this is also presenting more opportunities and that firms are finding more and more cross border work.

Lena Fiedler adds,

“There is an ever-increasing need for businesses to access global markets; INPACT has a strategic commitment to further increase its geographic coverage over the next few years, to ensure that clients receive full accountancy support whenever and wherever it is needed, right across the world.”

In a separate regional report by the IAB, INPACT was ranked in the top 10 associations in the eurozone; growth was reported in both fee income (19%) and staff numbers (26%), indicating that both the association and its member firms are developing and growing.

The report commented on the turbulent times faced by the eurozone with looming Brexit, Yellow Jacket protests in France and ‘populist governments gaining footholds in various countries.’

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