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German Speaking Members forge links in Luxembourg

The German Speaking Meeting is always well attended and this year was no exception, with members gathering together from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg.

The meeting provided the opportunity for members to share knowledge and information and to discuss ideas and opportunities for the future.

INPACT EMEA & CSA President Ralf Zeiss welcomed members to the meeting and together with Rudolf Schmitz of SRS Audit, updated members on the latest INPACT developments and proposals for future opportunities and growth.

Collaboration was a hot topic for the meeting, with ideas for enhancing communications across the broader membership, training opportunities and networking developments featuring in discussions. The group considered how to ensure that training and collaboration initiatives reach all staff rather than just the Partners in member firms.

The group considered a proposal to merge the English speaking and German speaking meetings, with the ultimate aim of developing a European conference. The objective would be to increase collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing and to reduce costs.

The next German meeting will take place in Vienna, hosted by INPACT member firm cSt Causa.

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