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INPACT Global Expands Membership in South East Asia and East Asia

South Korea firm, Seil Accounting Corporation formed in Mar. 2003 has established branches in Yeouido and Seocho. In 2019, Seil Accounting Corp. merged with One Accounting Corp. and became Accounting Corporation Seil One.

Philippines firm, Datiles Casedo and Associates, CPAs Co. (DCA, CPAs Co.), was established on March 2006 by its named partners, Marie Sidney S. Datiles, “Sid” and Franklin R. Casedo, “Frank,” as a general professional partnership in the Philippines. DCA, including its partners, is accredited by the Board of Accountancy, by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, by the Cooperative Development Authority, and by the Securities and Exchange Commission as external auditors for companies under Group C.

Arun Srinivasan, INPACT Asia Pacific Chairman welcomes both members:

"We are delighted to have Accounting Corporation Seil One and Datiles Casedo and Associatesi as our new members in South Korea and The Philippines. South Korea, known as the "Asian Dragon", is one of the most important global economic powers today and the Philippines situated at the crossroads,is the most strategic location for companies that wish to venture in the ASEAN market and access its vast trade opportunities.

With the support of our new members, we look forward to fostering eastern and business opportunities with our clients".

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