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The company was formed via merger between two companies with almost 100 years of foundry experience. The company has production in Europe, with 100 employees including 10 employees with metallurgy/materials engineering training.

Financial Highlights

The company has a production capacity of 10,000 tons p.a. (with some investment) with a potential annual turnover of about Euro 20 million. Current capacity in use (2018 figures) is c. 3,000 tons and turnover of about Euro 7 million and is EBITDA-positive.

The company is part of a larger, profitable European group engaged in tools and components for whom this company has been a non-core asset. This group would like to hive off this company or increase the investment with the entry of an international partner in the share capital.

Financial Investments

The shareholders are open to the following transaction structures:

  • 100% outright purchase of the equity in the company, debt-free
  • A minority stake investment by fresh issue of equity shares in the company to invest and boost sales

Interested parties, please contact:

Ms Mudra Mehta

Asit Mehta & Associates

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +91 22 2674 0291 / 94 / 96 | +91 98925 98133

Group firms: Engineer & Mehta | Phoenix Consulting Group


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