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Through their wide range of services, SHUMBA INC. will add value to the client’s management accounting, financial accounting, and corporate governance and tax functions to the group.

Their team understand the importance of each of these functions in the client’s requirement to comply with the legislation and corporate governance. To this day, they are continually focused on the challenge of constantly improving the services that they offer while maintaining the high quality of the deliverables.

Excellence, professionalism and integrity are some of SHUMBA INC.’s guiding values. They believe in quality and not necessarily quantity since they are a big organization, starting small.

INPACT Executive Director, Tendai White, comments:

“We are pleased to welcome SHUMBA INC. as our first member from South Africa! They are a highly capable firm and offer a vast amount of valuable services. We are confident that they are the right team members to be part of our organization and provide the services you may require.”

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