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Succession plan

Holger Wanke (60), long-time managing director of Caminada Treuhand AG Zug, has handed over the management of the company to the two partners Andreas Okle (51) and Fabio Iovoli (34).

As Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Andreas Okle will focus more
on strategic issues, while Fabio Iovoli, as CEO will take over the management of the company's operations. Holger Wanke will reduce his workload to fifty percent. Of course, he will continue to be available to his customers. He will also remain Chairman of the Board of Directors.

For many years, the two successors have been with Caminada and have extensive experience and comprehensive management and professional competence as certified public accountants and certified fiduciary experts.

Rejuvenation of the Management

Andreas Okle and Fabio Iovoli have appointed Arbresha Quni (28) and Ramon Heiri (26) as new members of the Executive Board as of July 1, 2020 and have granted both power of attorney.

At the same time, Nicola Edelmann (30) will become a member of the extended Executive Board. As Office Manager, Arbresha Quni is responsible for all internal matters and individual customer mandates. Ramon Heiri also heads the auditing team and will be accountable for our marketing.

Nicola Edelmann is a team leader in the accounting department and will take over internal controlling tasks.

Heinz Klauz (62) and Christian Lingg (60) have left the operational management. Heinz Klauz reduces his workload to eighty percent and will remain a member of the Board of Directors as a partner. As a certified tax expert, Christian Lingg will focus on the technical management of the tax division. He will continue to serve as Deputy Director.

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