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Moderated by Moshe Yeskin, Israel, Moshe welcomed members to the session and once again encouraged members to make use of IMP platform to promote opportunities both for their firm or of clients' businesses.

IMP is not only a platform to share business opportunities, members can also take the opportunity to showcase their expertise and members can collaborate together on the massive experience of the members to support their clients.

Check out IMP LinkedIn for the list of opportunities / projects, ranging from investment, trading, supply chain/distribution /sales channels, business development services in the Jetty/Marina, Real Estate, Malls, DIY products, Iron & Steel Foundry, Oil & Gas Industry, indoor farming, Disposable and non-disposable Health devices, Portable Digital Dialysis Clinic, AI Cyber Security, Jewellery Incubator to specialist services Due Diligence and Tax Benefits regime etc.

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