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Switzerland Member in Lausanne - Fiduciaire Saugy SA is listed in the Top 100 Tax Accountants Ranking in Switzerland

Le Temps is a Swiss French-language daily newspaper published in Berliner format in Lausanne by Le Temps SA. It is the only nationwide French-language non-specialised daily newspaper of Switzerland.

For businesses, fiduciary agents are a bit of an asset. In Switzerland, the name is not protected, but it designates all those who commonly function as tax advisers and accountants. Their services are as manifold as they are essential. While tax advisors prepare tax returns, verify the tax implications of transactions, investments and contracts, maintain contact with authorities and optimize corporate structures from a tax standpoint, trustees keep their eyes on the annual accounts: they juggle with the figures, analyze the conformity and the exhaustiveness of the balance sheets, procedures and information. Does such document correspond to such amount? Does the data match? Does the company ensure the procedures properly? Are the banks receiving the relevant information? In addition, they provide business valuations or expertises determining their credit rating.


For the first time, the independent market research Institute Statista surveyed several thousand industry professionals and clients in the field of tax advice and trust services on their knowledge of the industry and their experience with different providers. Based on the results of these surveys, the best tax and fiduciary experts of Switzerland 2021 are awarded in various categories.

Survey and sample

The lists of the “best tax and fiduciary experts in Switzerland 2021” are based on recommendations from:

1. Tax advisers, trustees, auditors, as well as lawyers for commercial and tax law ("peer investigation").

2. Employees of the financial services of Swiss companies, as well as managers of these companies (“customer survey”).

The recommendations of these two groups for tax consultancy firms and trust companies were gathered through an online survey conducted between April 20 and June 12, 2020. Qualified individuals were invited to participate in the survey, previously identified through searches of company websites, public contact databases and employment networks (such as Xing and LinkedIn). In addition, participants had the option to register directly for the survey with their professional contact details. This possibility has been published on the Bilanz and Le Temps websites, among others. In addition, other experts and clients were recruited through an online professional panel. In total, around 7,000 people were invited to participate in the survey via email with a personalized, one-time link.

As part of the survey, participants were able to recommend tax consultancy and trust companies for different fields and specialist sectors. Self-recommendations and recommendations within the group structure were not taken into account and were discarded.


The lists of the best tax and fiduciary experts were established on the basis of the number of recommendations made. In a list covering a number of fields and sectors, the best tax and fiduciary experts were awarded in one of the following three groups: “universal service providers”, “experts for the liberal and specialized professions (doctors, farmers)” or "best tax experts in law firms". This general reward is based on the number of referrals from all participants. To be included in one of the three groups, a business's referral count must be greater than the median of all recommended businesses. Within the different groups, companies were sorted according to the number of recommendations received as part of the survey.

In addition, tax and fiduciary experts have also been honoured in specific rankings for specialized and selected fields or sectors, provided that the number of recommendations for the respective specialized field or sector is also higher than the median of companies that are recommended there. A star logic was used to indicate whether a company was "very frequently recommended" (★★★★★) or "frequently recommended" (★★★★). The rating “particularly recommended” was awarded to companies whose number of recommendations in the respective specialist area or sector was above average.

It should be noted that the lists of the best tax and fiduciary experts in Switzerland were drawn up as part of a complex procedure. This does not claim to be a quality assessment linked to objectivity or completeness.

About Statista

In partnership with the media, statistical analysis firm Statista publishes rankings and lists of the best companies around the world. This leading portal in the fields of data analysis and business intelligence offers statistics, data from the economic sector and numerous market and opinion studies.

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