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Our 4-hour session featured trending topics influencing the industry nowadays. We presented a dynamic line-up of speakers who focused on business development topics and extensive learning opportunities from partner-led programmes, as well as insights to their success and unique networking opportunities. Some of our sessions included:

  • Rob Brown – a renowned TEDx speaker and respected author, led a motivating keynote session on "The skills you need to win business" and what makes a trusted accountant of choice for a business owner.
  • INPACT Marketplace – Moshe Yeskin, our initiative’s moderator, discussed the key highlights since the launch of the programme, and explored a few opportunities along with a few fellow members:
    • Wolfgang Schimm, uniTreu Schimm & Partner, Germany, presented their client UGW Company’s 2021 steps for success;
    • Douglas Hoffman, The Hoffman Eells Group CPAS, New York, gave our members an insight into adding coaching services to an accounting firm;
    • Ranganathan Ramachandran, Ethics Plus, UAE, presented an opportunity to be explored: From Accounting to Advisory Services.
    • INPACT Networking Hub – the place where our members met industry peers, presented their ideas and gave each other a new perspective to expand knowledge, enhance their own work and learn beyond their field of interest.

If you want to find out more about the opportunities discussed at our latest virtual conference, please contact a member of our Executive Team.

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