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The Way to Win in Cross Border Business

Here is a recent Success Story:

A client in Germany required some due diligence work to be performed on an Israeli company prior to investing in that company. German member, SRS Audit-Group referred the client immediately to Yeskin & Co, Israel, to perform the due diligence work on the local company.

Work has already commenced for over a month for the client. Both Rudolf Schmitz SRS Audit-Group and Moshe Yeskin – Yeskin & Co. were happy that being INPACT members they were able to provide cross-border services to this client.

Both members - Rudolf Schmitz (Chairman of INPACT Audit Committee (IAC)) and Moshe Yeskin (INPACT Marketplace) being proactive in the alliance were able to attract the client due to their ability to connect with colleagues around the globe

Congratulations Rudolf and Moshe on your successful collaboration!

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