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This is why last week we held the first of many online staff events with our members from Latin America. This incredible discussion saw 12 colleagues from 6 different countries that were all curious to participate and find out more about INPACT’s values and initiatives.

The agenda for the event was as follows:

  • A welcome message from Marcelo Berge, INPACT President;
  • A presentation about INPACT by Daniel Perez, Operations Manager;
  • An introduction from each contributor;
  • An open space to share thoughts and experiences.

This one-of-a-kind event turned out to be a great success, and is only the beginning of a series of various staff member events. Succession planning can be really beneficial to both individuals and their organisations, and is vital for carrying on best practices and ensuring the wellbeing of employees.

Keep hold of your most valuable assets within your organisation and introduce them to the INPACT family. Stay tuned for more upcoming staff events!

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