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INPACT Welcomes a New Member on the EMEA Board of Directors

Claudia Stadler has been an active member of INPACT since joining the association in 2007. We believe she has a lot to bring to the table due to her collaborative skills and hard-working character. CSt causa operates throughout Austria and offers tax consulting services along with individually tailored assistance for each client. The staff operate in a multilingual environment and work with clients from a wide range of industries according to national and international standards.

The INPACT EMEA-CSA-AP Board is currently focused on the development of a global marketing strategy that will be incorporated through various activities starting January 2022. We believe that through the newest addition on the Board of Directors, it will be even easier to engage with staff across member firms and increase our successful collaborations.

Claudia Stadler comments: “I am delighted to take up a position in the EMEA Board of Directors. I hope to continue my colleagues’ wonderful work in developing initiatives in the region and supporting our members and their clients.”

For more information about cSt causa, please follow the link below:

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